Orium is a variety of


Dual purpose

Fodder Or Green Manure

About Orium

Orium (Veza Villosa) belongs to the family of legumes, autumn winter – spring cycle.
Orium stands out for its fine stem and its high biomass production capacity.
It also stands out for its low water need, adaptation to climates with low temperatures
and high altitude areas. In its morphology it presents brambles which makes it a plant
that can grow climbing when it is planted accompanied by another species
that serves as a tutor.

Orium is produced under strict protocols with which we obtain a high quality of seed
in reference to varietal purity and germination.


It is a vetch (annual legume) that stands out for its ability to
adapt to all types of soil and its high production.

It is very rustic and has great behavior with different problems
of more common diseases of the veza.

It has a deep root system, branched and provided with nodules in
which live in symbiosis bacteria fixing atmospheric nitrogen, climbing stems,
paripinnate leaves terminated in a branched zarzillo, red-violet flowers, fruits in legume.

Production: 8 Tn/Ms/Ha


Major productions
Various uses: hay, silage and grazing.
Excellent protein percentages
Fine stems
Adaptation to use with other species

Green manure

Increases soil fertility
Increased biodiversity
Soil erosion control
Improves the physical, chemical and microbiological conditions of the soil
Nitrogen fixation
Benefits of crop rotation


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